Why Beretta

Stunning accuracy and perfect patterns on every shot.

Steelium: world's best barrels.

Beretta is a worldwide leader in barrel manufacturing and Steelium is the production technology that makes every Beretta barrel so unbeatable. Steelium is the sum of four key values:

  1. The Beretta Steel
  2. Deep drilling
  3. Cold hammering
  4. Vacuum Distension.

Every Steelium barrel is the result of 500 years know-how driving the most modern production plants and machines available on the market, thus giving to customers the highest levels of performance and durability, always.

OptimaBore HP: the shape of accuracy.

Every OptimaBore HP barrel profile has been specifically designed and tested in order to provide perfect accuracy with every type of shells: lead, steel and steel High Performance. The OptimaBore HP barrels feature a double forcing cone (for total 80mm lenght) ensuring less recoil, reduced muzzle raise and improved patterns for the best accuracy ever.