Why Beretta

All-load proven reliability, even with 24g.

Beretta gas-operating system B-Link: the most reliable semiautomatic system in the World.

The gas-operated system is the choice of all the major armies and defence agencies around the world. Why? Because it's the most reliable system available on the market. Beretta has decades of proven experience in engineering, testing and delivering reliable gas-operated solutions for the most demanding customers on earth. No matter which ammunition, location or type of use, the Beretta B-Link gas-operating system always delivers reliability with no equals.

Shoots perfectly even the lightest 24g load.

Every shooter in the world knows that reliability can be critical when using light loads, and this is the range where the Beretta gas-operates systems B-Link delivers uncomparable performance. With a Beretta semiauto you can forget about any reloading issue with light loads, forever. Welcome in our club, where you can proudly shoot 24g and 56g loads with the same gun.

Perfect closing system, always ready to shoot.

Both rotating head and falling block are very reliable closing systems, and with the Beretta semiauto you can have them with an important additional plus: they never lose their locking position, even during the roughest handling. The reason is simple: the Beretta gas-operated system can have a stronger closing force because, when the reloading cycle begins, the energy available to unlock the bolt is significantly higher that other systems. Higher energy available when opening allows higher closing force, preventing the bolt to unlock when it is not supposed to do it. Very simple, very effective.

Certified compliance with HP Steel Shots.

The Beretta semiautomatic shotguns are designed and tested to coply with every cartridge available on the market, regardless if they are powered by lead, steel of HP steel. All the barrels are tested by the independent National Proof House with high-pressure shots in order to be certified one by one with specific markings on the barrels themselves.