Why Beretta

The best recoil reduction, with no compromise.

Up 70% recoil reduction, it's not a dream anymore.

Beretta semiautos feature the exclusive, worldwide renowed Kick-Off devices, providing the best recoil reduction on earth. Kick-Off, Kick-Off 3 and Kick-Off Mega will not only dramatically reduce the recoil on your shoulder, but they will also give you more stability, comfort and control for faster target acquisition.

The system widely used in car industry, applied to shotguns.

The Kick-Off devices integrate hydraulic dumpers, similar to the ones used by the car industry, to effectively reduce the shocks ensuring proper control even with the stronger, heavier load. Standard recoil reduction devices instead rely on simple rubber or plastic deformation and that is why Kick-Off is better. Can you imagine driving a car with rubber suspensions?

Different Kick-Off devices for different recoil peaks.

While Kick-Off reduces the 1st recoil peak (the one directly produced by the shot), Kick-Off 3 (cube) reduces the 2nd peak of recoil (the one produced by the bolt during reload). Kick-Off is the most effective recoil reduction device on earth and Kick-Off 3 is the only device in the world delivering effective reduction of the 2nd peak of recoil. This is real leadership.

And if you are a Mega Shooter?

If you enjoy shooting hundrends of shots in a single day, then recoil reduction is not a need anymore: it's a must. But if you need an additional support to combine shock absorption with enhanced ergonomics, then Kick-Off Mega is the perfect choice. You will benefit the same unrivaled recoil reduction of Kick-Off together with a new ergonomics ensuring even better match between cheek and stock.

Recoil reduction without giving up to wood stock. That's the Kick-Off freedom.

Why should you have to renounce to the wood stock just because you need recoil reduction? When you choose your Beretta semiauto you don't have to decide: you can have both. Kick-Off and Kick-Off3 are available on wood stock and they are elegantly integrated into the stock. And for the ones looking for a strong polymeric shotgun for the most extreme use? The answer is Kick-Off Mega.

Effective regardless if it's cold or hot, wet or dry.

Regardless of where you are, from the coldest Siberian field to the dryest American upland, Kick-Off devices are always ready to deliver stunning recoil reduction.