Why Beretta

Ergonomics, comfort and strenght in every component.

Microcore pad: softer than gel, lighter than rubber and perfectly slipping.


The Microcore recoil pad is made with a new "open-cell" polyurethane combining lightness and performance like anything else in the past. Engineered through decades of experience in the competition fields around the globe, Microcore provides you all the best you may need from a recoil pad, including the possibility to eventually crop it to fit your custom stock. The Microcore is available in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm lenght in both field and competition versions, allowing you to customize the lenght of pull.

B-Lok cap: fast and secure closing in 60° rotation.


The new B-Lok cap (available on selected models) is an innovative magazine cap giving perfect and secure closing with just 60 degrees rotation instead of multiple turns. With B-Lok is easier to open and close the gun even in the toughest conditions or wearing gloves. The green polymeric part makes the B-lok cap easier to find if it accidentally falls on the ground.

Aqua: unrivaled resistance to corrosion.


The Aqua technology (available on selected models) has been conceived to ensure the maximum protection from the attacks of external agents. Combining the best selection of materials with the strongest protection treatments available on earth, Aqua tecnology ensures global internal and external protection from corrosion, every day.