Why Beretta

The only shotgun featuring an electronic assistant.

Introducing the GunPod.

The GunPod is a personal electronic assistant integrated into your Beretta semiautomatic shotgun. The core function of GunPod is counting the shots: total shotcount (not resettable) and up to 7 separate sessions (resettable). Wonder how easy will be to take note of the shots you made in Argentina or to be able to collect how many rounds you spent shooting clays or on the field. This is what GunPod allows you to do, very easily.

A great shotcounter with a lot of smart functions more.

Together with the core function of shotcounting, the GunPod provides information about the external temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees and some insight about the power of the shots, allowing you to compare different types of cartridges even within the same load, in a very easy and practical way.

And if the battery is down? Dont' worry: GunPod keeps counting.

GunPod has been designed to be smart and easy to use through its "one-button interface", it does not even need to be switched on/off because it is battery-independent. If the battery is low or accidentally broken, the GunPod keeps counting the shots*, storing the new count in its memory, and when the battery is replaced... voilà, the correct shotcount is displayed on the screen.

* The display will not show any data without battery, but the shotcounter keeps working.