Why Beretta

Cleaner than ever and easier to clean.

A clean gas-operated semiauto? With B-Link the dream is finally true.

Using the gas to operate the realoading cycle gives maximum speed and power, and with the B-Link system the dirt is reduced to minimum terms. The re-engineering of gas ports and the systematic reduction of all the machanical frictions make the B-Link cleaner than ever while even improving reliability. With B-Link, the only weak point of the gas-operating system has been practically reduced to zero. It's like Achilles without the Achilles heel: invincible.

Maintenace should always be a matter of care than a matter of need.

The more you care about your shotgun, the more you care about its maintenance. That's sure. With a Beretta semiauto you will experience the lowest maintenance need ever, giving you more freedom of use. Cleaning your Beretta shotgun will become a real pleasure, a gift to your hunting companion before the next challenge.

Easy to disassemble, clean and re-assemble.

The Beretta semiautomatic shotgun is very easy to disassemble in only a few components' groups. All the relavant parts are accessible, cleaning is very fast and there is no risk to lose small spare components because the main groups can stay assembled even during claeaning. Smart, easy, fast and secure. That's our approach to maintenance.